Health Population Management

Whether you're running Health Plan, HMO, ACO, Providers Groups, considering Medicare Advantage participation,  partnering with health plans, or getting ready for value-based care, your population health success depends on risk management, care quality, and care coordination. Discover Agile Population Health Management which provides solution to Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercials health plans utilizing industry standards such as CDPS and HCC. Explore the Applications You Can Get With Agile PHM and take the first step toward value-based care.

Population Stratification

Gain visibility and control of your population and identify the top 5% riskiest patients that are responsible for more than 50%  of health 

Care Gaps Detection

Proactively detect care gaps before they become issues and produce actionable insights to drive your healthcare costs down with an effective wellness program

Care Optimization

Transforming Care Gaps to optimization opportunities for making significant improvements in health of your population and your revenue optimization.

Care Quality

Improve care quality for your population, aligned incentives, and discover the elements you should master to get ready for value-based care.